My husband is surprisingly good at geek stuffs ( not all postdocs in Computer Science are truly geeks, mind you).  I… well, I manage.


Now a conversation with him (he was occupied with a task, I wanted to disturb anyway *evil grin*) some days back:


Me: I was stressed with the literature review I was supposed to do. So I did the most logical thing — browsing social media in my computer for time indefinite.
– Okay.
– I just decided that I want to open an Instagram account.  You know, separate from the Facebook account. I have lots of food pics in my HDD…so…
– Ah, cool.
-So I created one account.
– Nice! So what have you uploaded? Let me see.
– Umm, nothing.
– Why?
– (Silence)
– What is it?
– My phone is old, slower…
– Than the snails by the sideways, yup.
–  And I didn’t know (Red-faced) that Instagram uploading is not browser-supported.
– IT IS NOT???


That moment I knew I have married my soulmate. 😛

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