From a Fan’s Diary: ‘Star Wars: The Force Awakens’ Teasers and the Trailer

The new Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens has released their official trailer on October 19.

Honestly, the first teaser of Star Wars Ep. VII was way less revealing ( I know, I know… it’s a ‘teaser’! But still! ) and as a hardcore fan, I felt that the initial monolog about the Force was not intriguing enough. The view of the Millennium Falcon soothes us alright, but no sign of the old golden trio.

The best thing about the first teaser was perhaps the Sith lightsaber. Even that made nerds lose their sleep because of the Internet-wide frantic discussion about the “practicality” of its design! I have my doubts too, for example, if you consider the…. okay, okay, I am stopping here.

The second teaser was way better as we saw many nostalgic elements which we recognized and have always loved. Those include the debris of the X-Wing and Star Destroyer, speeder, our beloved R2 and last but not the least, Chewie and Han.

Also, the first look of the villain Kylo Ren, his clone army and imperial logo are revealed. Rey is introduced, with glimpses of new Star destroyers, shuttles of imperial army and robot BB-8. The monolog sounds like Luke’s words to Leia in the Ewok village in Episode VI. Mark Hamill has confirmed that he has recorded similar monolog for this film.

A hooded Jedi-like figure with mechanical hand touches R2. That has to be Luke! We also see Rey receives the lightsaber of Luke … and can’t stop thinking about it.

Towards the end of the teaser, The “scruffy-looking nerf herder” and Chewie closes the deal by appearing together on screen and thus uniting the original trilogy with the new one. An overwhelming moment for fans.

Finally, the official trailer has arrived.

I think in this one, we get sneak-peek of everything we ached to see in the new Star Wars movie. It looks complete with a continuation of the eternal saga of the Star Wars universe and appropriate dialogs, character-glimpses and action. I will not elaborate, because the fans deserve to experience it and identify things themselves! Watch it here.

Did I say everything? No, not EVERYTHING though. Where is Luke? What will be his role in this new beginning? Only that mechanical hand is giving rise to lotsa speculations, but I am not happy. I wanted to see him so badly.

Then again, may be not revealing everything is the best quality of this trailer. There is boundless space for you to imagine.

Overall, I believe this is the trailer I was waiting for. And maybe thousands and thousands of fans like me, who were very skeptical about Episode VII. We still don’t know how good the film will be, but at least now it seems Team J.J Abrams is doing fine.

And as I watched the trailer, I got almost teary-eyed when Han Solo says,

“It’s true.

All of it.”

A fan. Forever.


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