Mini Review : Divergent – Book 1 of Divergent Trilogy


Divergent is the first instalment of Divergent Trilogy of the series Divergent Universe – a fantasy tale of an alternate world; a society constituted of five factions or social types based on their nature and morale: Amity, Abnegation, Erudite, Candor and Dauntless.The rest are the “unfortunate” Factionless. As the children of this dystopian society turn sixteen, they go through a test which determines which faction they actually belong to.The offsprings of a particular faction sometimes belong to the same, and sometimes they transfer to another faction. Because “Faction Before Blood”.

Beatrice finds herself to be a Divergent: one who does not belong to any particular faction as she has characteristics of multiple factions. That is a matter of serious threat for the authorities of the society because of a brewing conspiracy; she is in mortal danger. But eventually she finds that she is not the only Divergent around…..


Those who liked The Hunger Games may go ahead, but I would rather not downgrade HG by comparing it to Divergent series. It’s hard to find anything new or interesting from this one. Even the faction-system idea has uncanny resemblance to the ‘Varnasrama Dharma/Prathaa’ (ancient caste system) of India. Moreover, slow pace,almost void plot, mushy sequences, lack of character-development and especially the climax made me wonder how this series is so high up in the best-selling list! The book felt less than average… personally, I could’t look forward to the next book.

P.S. – The movie is pretty bad… it chucked out loads of things… like the explanation of the scenarios in the aptitude test, the cause of differences between factions and many more. And lastly, how the “blonde”, “skinny”- almost “child-like”, “short”, “plain-looking” protagonist of the book became a curvy good-looking brunette on screen?


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