I scribbled some lyrics again… and in 15 minutes..!

Yeah, well, I wasn’t the ideal student of Songwriting course of Barklee College of Music this week and sat down to finish my assignment at the last moment! Went through the 2 hours video in half hour and finally was pathetically out of “inspiration” and “ideas”. I was just fearing that… am I gonna miss my grades this week? :O

And then it just came to me. What if I just look back to my brief office days (okay, not so brief, it was a little more than a year, though to me it felt like a decade) and try to have a light and humorous view of it??

Also remembered the notion of multiple alarms of a dear friend of mine.

Okay!.. I wrote at a go:


Office Calling

Each and every morning

The Sun, up it comes

I bid my bed goodbye

As I stop six alarms.


I brush, and I wash

I’m always in so rush

I soak people who pass

With my wheels’ muddy splash

My phone rings; Hush, hush! Office calling…

Office calling…


It’s so boring, this work

I prefer not to talk

I grumble at my desk

“Another mail of task”

Shouts again inbox! Office calling…

Office calling…


Sometimes I wonder

After a day long,

Is this what I dreamed?

Is this where I belong?


Someday I’ll just leave

And maybe then I’ll live.


But till then… not again! Office calling…

Office calling…


Office calling…

Office calling…


Don’t know how good will be my grades, but I felt pretty good as I wrote it down! 😀


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