Snowflake Dreams – A Poem

A younger me always used to think

Happiness; as a warm hand’s touch.

As sand clock grained… away, away

All I wished for… never remained much.


The world is a whirlwind, pushing me blind

Frames the sunshine, keeps shadows in bind

All I asked for… are some snowflake dreams.


Like snowflakes… the dreams are tender, white

Like snowflakes… they are calm, still bright

Like snowflakes…. one can touch and hold them dear.


As snowflakes fall, they’re loved and cherished

Like dreams fulfilled, all sadness perished

They’ll melt, but stay in heart as loving memory.


I asked for kindness… asked for peace

Asked for “No War”: all mothers’ bliss

No cry, no pain, no death in hand of power.


No agony due to rage and race

No crushing of culture for civilized pace

No fear of losing loved one as dead autumn flower.


In a world where things are valued more,

“No pearl, no use” seashell ashore

All I asked for… are some snowflake dreams.


I’m growing old, days flowing by

I still look up and beyond the sky

I still hope, still smile, believe and try…


Some day… I’ll be buried in snowflake dreams.


4 thoughts on “Snowflake Dreams – A Poem

  1. Quite a good write up Kam !

    i do kinda relate to your snowflake dreams ..

    Truly those some das , when all we knew were dreams ..

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